Holistic Mind and Body: Achieving it Pre & Postnatally

Recently I sat down with Amanda Fay, Prenatal & Postnatal Health and Exercise Coach.  We chatted about her career and what she offers as a Birth Worker.  Amanda is creating a culture in the birth world providing Mama’s with a Holistic Mind and Body approach to their entire journey, not just labor and delivery!
To learn more about Amanda check out her website.

I’m so glad we had opportunity to chat in person so I could really dig into the details for all my mama’s out there.

Kieran (Doula + HBCE):  In your own words, what does Amanda Fay offer her clients?
Amanda (CES):
Corrective exercise and holistic health coaching.  This is not just exercising to lose weight or burn calories, this is looking for proper posture and fixing muscle imbalance in my clients. Getting moms ready to have a baby and hold it properly – a lot goes into carrying a baby!
I currently provide sessions privately, in person or virtually and have clients across the country.  In addition, I teach group classes at the River Guild in Concord, NH.
I am working with moms throughout their journey from preconception, during pregnancy and post partum.

Kieran (Doula + HBCE):  And how do you work with women differently at each stage?
Amanda (CES):
 – is all about detox, stress reduction, sleep optimization, exercise and nutrition.
Prenatal – is all about stress reduction techniques, BIRTH PLAN preparations, and exercise to prepare for labor and delivery.  Ensure women are not confused with info from OB or midwife, providing the necessary education and helping them find additional support such as a doula or HypnoBirthing classes.
Postnatal – is all about sleep optimization, nutrition, meal planning, stress reduction, and exercises carefully designed for moms body after baby. My areas of focus are core, pelvic floor, diastasis recti, and c-section healing. 

Kieran (Doula + HBCE):  Can you summarize in three words what your business offers its clients?
Amanda (CES):
Coaching, confidence and accountability.

Kieran (Doula + HBCE):  How do you offer accountability?
Amanda (CES):
Setting schedules, making SMART goals, and checking in regularly. It is really important to check in regularly with the goals set out in the beginning and even going back to make new goals over time.

Kieran (Doula + HBCE):  What makes your fitness model specific to pre and postnatal women?
Amanda (CES):
My certification through Fit For Birth makes me a trained expert in this area. Trained to know dos and don’ts of exercise while pre and postnatal and these my be specific to each woman depending on past issues/circumstances.
Diaphragmatic breathing (working inner core unit to strengthen core and have proper intra abdominal pressure while working out) is a major focus and necessity for these women and will help them to come out of pregnancy stronger than before.
Interval training with meditation that mimics contractions which prepares women for labor.
In a perfect world everyone would have private sessions and then use the group sessions as a supplemental workout.

Kieran (Doula + HBCE):  Can you tell my mama’s the top benefits they would receive from hiring you as personal trainer or by attending your classes?
Amanda (CES):
Ton of education about their body
Huge reduction in common pregnancy discomfort  (low back pain, pelvis pain, bloating, v veins, stretch marks)
Easier Labor (less time in labor, reduction in need for intervention, reduction in chance of C-section, episiotomy)
Healthier baby
Improved posture
Reduction in postpartum depression
Quicker return to pre-baby weight

Kieran (Doula + HBCE):  How is your offering being received by your target audience?
Amanda (CES):
My clients would say “She has a really strong niche” “That’s unique.”
Mission and intentions are clear.  This offering is not a one-size fits all, it is unique to the individual.

Kieran (Doula + HBCE):  If you could only give one bit of advice to a pregnant women, what would it be?
Amanda (CES):
Have a good mindset – reduce your stress.
Create a mindful self care practice utilizing meditations, affirmations, and intention setting. Studies have shown baby can feel when mom is stressed. Create a happy, positive image of labor and raising your baby.

holistic mond and body: achieving it pre + postnatally – such any eye-opening experience, even for me.  meeting with amanda and diving into the details of how she works to empower women.  i don’t think there enough people out there with her important and unique knowledge.  she is bringing women what they need!
I am signing up to take her prenatal fitness class a rgw riverguild next wednesday – come join me!  
How to get a hold of Amanda:
Website: https://www.healthyafay.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/healthyAFay/
Email: healthyafay@gmail.com
Events + Classes: https://www.healthyafay.com/events-1/
“Empowering women through preconception, pregnancy and beyond.”

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