Birth Doula Services


Initial Consultation (FREE)

By phone or in-person.
Let’s chat for an hour or so and get to know each other to decide if I will be the right Birth Doula for you.  This provides an opportunity to discuss services, contract, and for you and your partner to ask questions.


In-person we will discuss your birth plan, strategies for labor, expectations, and how I can best support you and your partner.


Meeting you at your home or at the birthing center/hospital when you decide you need support.  I’ll be there to give you constant emotional and physical support during labor and birth.  I will stay after birth to assist with breastfeeding and make sure you get some nutrition in your system.
Physical Support – Suggested relaxation and breathing techniques, help facilitate positions for comfort.
Emotional Support – Provide constant reassurance to both mother and birth partner, encourage families to advocate for their wishes when needed.


After birth, I will schedule a call or home visit, whatever works best for you. We will discuss your perspective of your birth experience, address any issues e.g.: breastfeeding concerns.   In addition I will provide you with additional community resources.

Your investment

    Current charge  is $800 for birth doula services, which includes all of the items mentioned above.

    If you are interested in working with me, please fill out our Birth Doula Questionnaire and/or email me at

    For more information on Why a doula is useful please check out

    “If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it” – Dr. John H. Kennell

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