Exclusive Pumping – Tips!

Exclusive Pumping to FEED your baby

So you’ve decided to feed your baby breastmilk but you aren’t nursing… What? That’s right you are exclusive pumping…but what does that mean?  Providing the benefits of breastmilk without nursing.

I’ve had some experience with this.  My son was born at 34 weeks and spent 7 days in the NICU prior to coming home.  He couldn’t latch well and even when he did his little body was just not strong enough to get all he needed from breastfeeding.  The poor guy would get tuckered out and fall asleep.  So, I decided to pump and then bottle feed, we did this for fourth months straight.  This, so far, has been the hardest thing I have had to do.  Feedings were every three hours so I would need to feed him via bottle – 45 minutes at least, change and put him back to bed – another 30 minutes and then pump – yet another 15 – 20 minutes.  Basically by the time I laid back down for sleep he was up again to start the process – it was exhausting to say the least, but we did it and we hit our goals.

Now let’s talk about some tips for success to help you become a pumping queen!

First – accept that it is going to be extremely hard.  At the begining you could be pumping up to 12 times a day to establish your milk supply.  You will be tied to equipment and constantly washing bottles, pump parts, etc.

Second – know that it will get easier.  After some time your milk supply will regulate and you will be able to cut down on how many times you pump a day.  Hopefully you will even be able to get some extra into the freezer!

Third – enrich your environment.  Make sure to get all the neccessities you need to maek yourself successful.  Have the right pump(s) for exclusive pumping – you made need something with a more powerful motor, get enough bags for freezer storage, invest in a hands-free pump bra so you can focus on other things while pumping, and always have a spare pump – manual or an extra powered – for the car or travel.

Finally – know that this means you have some freedom.  If you are pumping and feeding your baby via bottle that means you don’t always have to be there.  Get your partner to take some turns bonding, allow your mother-in-law to feed the baby while take in a movie or go hiking.  Exclusive pumping allows you freedom that other breastfeeding mothers may not get.

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Newborn Baby Photos

Birth Day Photos

You see those brilliant newborn baby photos everywhere; moms kissing their freshly born baby on the forehead, a dad skin-to-skin looking into his little guys eyes, baby holding on tight to moms finger…

It is so easy to forget about taking baby photos.  Imagine yourself after 12, 18, 24 hours of labor… pictures will be the last thing on your mind, but you’ll wish you had them.  I was so out of it in ‘labor land’, and my baby went to the NICU shortly after being born that I actually had to look at pictures to help remind me of the events that unfolded.

And so, two things I recommend to help you capture those special moments, those ‘oh so cute’ baby pictures… planning and delegation.


•Have a device handy for taking photos
•Make a list of photos you want captured
•Set rules if anything is ‘off-limits’
(you can’t expect anyone to be a mind reader)


•A professional
•Mom, Dad, Friend
•Your doula (if she has time)
•Or even a nurse

Finally – getting down to business…what types of moments do you want to capture?  It’s hard to remember all the cute things you saw on Pinterest in the weeks leading up to this day so make yourself a list, and remember – it’s not ALL about the baby 😉


Mom’s final belly pic
Select labor + birth pics as desired
Clock (time when born)
ID bracelets
Room sign / number
Baby on scale
Mom + Baby meeting
Dad (Partner) + Baby meeting
Meeting sibling(s)
Meeting grandparent(s) / family
Hands + Feet
Baby grabbing finger
Skin to skin
Baby sleeping
With Doctor/Midwife/Nurse/Doula
First breastfeed
Going Home

Most noteworthy is … Once you get home and get some rest – whenever that may happen… the next time you snuggle into your favorite chair you will be so delighted to look back on your newborn baby photos and of the day that you ROCKED IT!

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