WHAT IS HypnoBirthing®?

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“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.” -Marie Mongan

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HypnoBirthing® is a comprehensive childbirth education program that prepares parents for a calmersafer, easier and more comfortable birth. The program is based on the premise that childbirth is a normal and natural biological process in the absence of special medical circumstances, and not an illness or medical event. Remaining calm and relaxed can assist the body’s instincts and normal physiological functions and reduce the need for interventions.

You and your birth partner will learn how to make informed choices with evidence-based knowledge, relaxation techniques, special breathing, visualization, self-hypnosis, and guided imagery.   HypnoBirthing is appropriate regardless of where you choose to birth (be it a hospital or at home) or whether your birth involves medical interventions.

BENEFITS OF HypnoBirthing®

*The average HypnoBirthing® birth is >50% shorter than other births
*Reduces and often eliminates fatigue during labor
*Reduces the incidence of preterm labor by 67%
*Results in fewer breach presentations by 45%
*Reduces and may eliminate the need for chemical painkillers and drugs
*Lower incidence of induction and usage of Pitocin for speeding up labor
*Fewer episiotomies
*A lower incidence of cesarean section by approxmiately 60%
*Teaches breathing techniques that allow a woman to gently breathe her baby into the world without the hard, physical pushing

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The 12-hour series includes your birth partner, textbook, audio, birth packet, and ongoing email and phone support.

Email kieran@storktoswaddle.com to inquire about classes.

For more details read up on founder of HypnoBirthing® Marie Mongan on their website.