Prenatal + Postnatal Fitness

Getting ready to concieve?  Desire a healthy pregnancy and birth?  Interested in regaining your strengeth after baby is born?  Look no further – Kieran can ensure you learn the skills necessary to accomplish this with Prenatal + Postnatal Fitness!  Group and Private options available.

Prenatal Fitness – Stay strong and safe with functional movements, total core strengthening and labor training. This teaches you how to workout safely while preparing your body for pregnancy, labor and the physical demands of motherhood to come!

Postnatal Fitness – Reestablish total core health with functional movements, breathing techniques, abdominal stabilizations and focus on the pelvic floor. This will help you maintain and rebuild strength after the hardest job you’ve ever performed – labor + birth!

top benefits of Prenatal + Postnatal fitness
  • Fewer Pregnancy + Postpartum Discomforts
  • Less Labor + Delivery Interventions / Augmentations
  • Faster Recovery Postpartum
  • Healthier + Better Adapted Babies
  • Healthy Weight Gain + Loss
Group Classes

Click here for decriptions, schedule and registration.   In-person offerings in Concord NH.  AS well video classes are available.

Private Training

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