HypnoBirthing Refresher Course


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Are you having another baby but can’t quite remember all the techniques you learned last time?  Or does your birth partner need some extra practice? Whatever the reason, this refresher course is for you.  If you completed a HypnoBirthing class a few months ago, or years ago (for a previous pregnancy) and you are looking to reconnect and review all the techniques learned – join us for a refresher course.

This is an opportunity for moms and birth partners that have already completed a full HypnoBirthing® class to review the strong childbirth education techniques including: breathing, affirmations, deep relaxations, visualizations, and benefit from a deep hypnosis session.

Since this is a private session we can focus on any of the things you want from the curriculum, but our agenda will include: Breathing Techniques, Fear Release, review of your previous birth experience (if you want to discuss), Deepening Exercise, and Q + A.

Important Note: This class is only for those that have previously completed the FULL HypnoBrithing class with a certified HypnoBirtihng practitioner.


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