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‘It’s time! Just Breathe, Think, and Move’ Birth Prep – Short + Sweet Natural measures for comfort, calmness, and confidence Description: A class that teaches you tips, tricks and techniques to stay comfortable, calm and confident during labor and birth. This class will help you prepare for the BIG day by teaching you to use your breath, your mind, and your body to be all the tools your need to navigate to the birth experience you want. We will focus on how your breathing will allow for less stress, will help you manage your contractions, working with them, not against them, and it can bring your baby to you instead of pushing. We will focus on using your mind to prepare you for a calming experience without fear, to manage your comfort levels with relaxation during labor, and help you to achieve rest when you are working the hardest. And finally, we will focus on the physical – how your body can move to provide comfort measures during labor and birth.


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