Sarah + Josh Drake

As a soon to be new mom, I had no idea what to expect with delivery. My friend recommended that I sign up for the hypnobirthing classes with Kieran and I am so happy that I did.

Kieran’s classes are amazing, informative and thoughtful. She was very thorough with what to expect from creating a birth plan, practicing breathing exercises and helping me learn about my birthing instincts. She provided me with information so I could better plan for my pregnancy, how to manage stress, discomfort and the importance of fetal interaction and the benefits of story time and singing time while pregnant.

A testimonial is not enough to express the passion and care Kieran takes with her role as a Hypnobirthing Practitioner. Everyone should take this course as it is very beneficial and not just for the pregnancy- these are skills that can help your partner better support you, motivate you and help you manage your labor more effectively. These skills have also been something I have been able to apply to my day to day life and have been very helpful in managing my anxiety and stress levels.

Thank you Kieran for being so attentive, caring and through with these classes- I know that I will have the birth I am hoping for and even if it doesn’t go as planned, I know I have the skills to remain calm so my baby is happy entering the world.